Seikukan founder

Mr Tainen Takemori

Takemori studied directly under Mr Gichin Funakoshi. Following graduation as a chemist, Takemori moved to Toyama and was visited several times by Mr Funakoshi. Mr Takemori stayed in China for 7 years, and studied martial arts under Mr La Kai On. He also studied Zen extensively in Japan. A very deep and creative person, he blended these three influences to form Seikukan.

The Seikukan name translates as “Silent Sky Building” or “Training Hall Under the Clear Blue (Cloudless) Sky”. His Zen influence is evident here as this resembles the state achieved in meditation called Mushin where the untroubled mind is likened to a cloudless sky.


Mr Gichin Funakoshi

Mr Funakoshi was born in Okinawa and commenced karate training there. He is credited with introducing karate to the Japanese public at large, commencing in 1922 with a demonstration at the First National Athletic Exhibition held in Tokyo. Mr Funakoshi is known for his karate style, Shotokan. Mr Tainen Takemori commenced his Karate-do training as a college student in Tokyo under Mr Gichin Funakoshi.
World President and Head Instructor

Takemori Sensei

Tainen Takemori was succeeded by his son Sensei Miki Takemori, who is the present world head instructor of Seikukan. Takemori Sensei is based in Toyama, Japan.

Seikukan Karate do World Headquarters

2-2 Ebicho Toyama -City
Toyama 930-0027

Sensei John Halpin

In 1972 Mr John Halpin, 8th Dan black belt in Karate-do and 2nd Dan in Judo, commenced as head instructor of Seikukan Australasia. He remained in this role for 35 years until his death in January 2007. Mr Halpin had a profound influence on the development of Seikukan Australasia and its people during his time as head instructor.


Seikukan Australasia with Mr Halpin attracted many students and grew from a small club at Wavell Heights, Brisbane into an organisation with branches in South East Queensland (Wavell Heights, Albany Creek, Beerwah, Buderim & Mooloolah), Melbourne, Warialda NSW, New Zealand and Vanuatu.

Mr Halpin was an outstanding and passionate practitioner of Karate Do. Amongst his many achievements, Mr Halpin represented Australia at the first world karate championships in Japan in 1970. Despite his ability, he taught the true essence of karate to his students in a clear, humble and respectful way.

Not only did Mr Halpin develop Seikukan Australasia, he also advanced karate at a national and international level. At the time of his passing Mr Halpin held the positions of:

  •  President of the Australian Karate Federation.
  •  President of the Oceania Karate Federation.
  •  Treasurer of the World Karate Federation.

Mr Halpin’s commitment, example and positive influence has flowed through to his students and produced many fine karate practitioners. Seikukan Australasia has over the years had a significant number of Queensland and Australian karate team representatives, a number of whom are current instructors or still training with the club. Also several Seikukan members have been or are currently state and national karate team coaches and members of management and technical committees.

With the unparalleled contribution by Mr Halpin to Seikukan and the quality of people it has attracted over the years, Seikukan Australasia will continue as a highly desirable place to study Karate-do.

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