About the Club

Wavell Heights Dojo

Seikukan has been established in Wavell Heights since 1972. Originally the club was located in the Wavell Heights Community Hall, then in 1989 with the help of club members we built our own Dojo (hall). Our Dojo is one of the top training facilities in Australia. The Club has its own fully equipped Gym and nearly 1000 m2 of training floor. The Club is situated on extensive parkland. It provides an ideal location for children to learn.


It is a highly efficient method of self-defence incorporating the use of most body parts.It is beneficial for all age groups.It improves strength, co-ordination, posture, speed, balance etc, and if one follows its basic principles, one cannot help but become more considerate, more respectful, and a more worthwhile citizen.

The Principles

The objects of the Seikukan Karate Club are through the selfless act of volunteering.

  • To preserve the Art of Seikukan through practice and teaching.
  • Further develop the science of Seikukan through analysis of movement patterns and sequences and the understanding of associated bunkai.
  • Lead our affiliated clubs through our curriculum so our unique style is preserved.
  • Provide by Karate Do, healthy and interesting exercise for people of all ages.
  • Promote in its members a fuller understanding and firm adherence to the principles of Karate Do.
  • By application of such principles, to guide the general community to a clearer understanding of, and respect for, Karate Do.
  • To foster throughout Queensland, and other areas we may contact, a true Karate Do spirit.
  • To raise the standard of its members in the practice of the art of Karate Do.

Seikukan translates as

“Silent Sky Building” or “Training Hall under the clear blue (cloudless) sky.”

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