Seikukan Karate Club members competed in Karate Queensland – Queensland Cup at the Paul Bancroft Centre Cleveland on the 23rd and 24th of March 2024. Seikukan placed 11th at this with only 9 competitors. A special well done to all competitors in the Seikukan team that consisted of: Seniors: Karen; Scott; Reetika & Juniors: Tristan, Bethany, Victor, Zoe, Tiffany, Sabine. Thankyou to all our instructors on instructing and training the team and enhancing their skills for this event. Again, a very special thanks to James and Tony and all the parents who attended the tournament supporting and coaching our team on the day. A further note, the Karate Queensland – ‘2024 Queensland Open is now scheduled for May 25th and 26th 2024. Seikukan would encourage all our members to talk with James and then consider entering this tournament based upon his advice.

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